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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us


SDCC ’14 has barely even started and already news is swamping my feed. I unfortunately can’t be there, but I’m making sure I don’t miss a beat of news. Whether it be Marvel announcing a 3rd untitled film for 2018 (making that now 8 officially confirmed but yet untitled filmsin the pipeline) or the barrage of poster art coming in, this week/end is going to be hectic for news. In fact, as far as…

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Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Guardians of the Galaxy (Extended Clip)

Check out this 5-minute clip/trailer for Marvel’s next blockbuster franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, and tell me you’re not excited.

Leviathan Wakes (BOOK REVIEW)

Leviathan Wakes (BOOK REVIEW)


The first of (currently) four books in the Expanse series by James S. A. Corey, Leviathan Wakes has been getting a lot of press recently. Since it’s release in 2011, and the fact that its sequels have been annually punctual, it’s been praised for its gritty, modernized take on the space opera genre. Aside from several friends who’ve touted its shelf-worth, Leviathan Wakes has recently been…

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (MOVIE REVIEW)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (MOVIE REVIEW)


It’s a series we didn’t realize we wanted, and don’t honestly need, but it’s so, so good. Who would’ve thought, honestly, that an origin Planet of the Apes story would be a good series of films? But director Matt Reeves is taking the monkey genre to a whole new level of filmmaking, and you won’t agree with my review until you actually see it.

The most significant concept I need to commend the…

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Geekritique News Roundup - Week of 07/13/14

Geekritique News Roundup – Week of 07/13/14


Hello again friends, two days in a row with my roundup, I know. I was nearly a week behind the last two weeks and I just couldn’t let myself slack off so much this week as well. So, without further ado, the best geek news I picked up this week, with links to their respective articles!

July 13, 2014

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Marvel Now Has 7 Untitled Films on the Horizon!

Marvel Now Has 7 Untitled Films on the Horizon!


Yesterday Marvel announced the dates to five more untitled films, on top of the two already given dates. They most certainly have more projects than that on the horizon, but of those announced thus far, 7 are as of yet untitled. It’s almost 100% certain that a handful of those titles will be announced next Saturday during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel. Below is their current lineup of films, and the…

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Geekritique News Roundup - Week of 07/06/14

Geekritique News Roundup – Week of 07/06/14


July 6, 2014

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A First Look at Avengers: Age of Ultron

A First Look at Avengers: Age of Ultron


Earlier today the latest issue for Entertainment Weekly was revealed to be a special preview for this months upcoming Comic-Con, and on the cover? Yup. Our first official look at Age of Ultron, with the titular villain back and center.
Afterwards EW released the first official stills. Nothing groundbreaking or terribly interesting. Marvel is keeping all of its cards close to their chest on this…

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Preorder Doctor Who Series 8 + 3 Twelfth Doctor Novels

Preorder Doctor Who Series 8 + 3 Twelfth Doctor Novels


As the hype machine builds for another season of Doctor Who, so shall my posting habits on the topic increase. That’s both a heads up to fans of the series and a warning to those who follow me and don’t care about the series. For that reason I’ve decided to combine two posts into one this time around so as not to blow up your feeds further.
Preorder Doctor Who Series 8 on DVD & BluRay
The actual…

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Doctor Who Series 8 Full-Length Trailer Released!

At long last, the BBC have released the official full-length trailer for Series 8 and it’s such a tease.