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I remember my first comic book. I remember it well. January, 2001, X-Men #108 (vol. 2). I still have it actually. I read the hell out of it. I ended up stapling it together (horribly), as the pages began to fall out. And I didn’t even understand what I was reading. It was part IV or IV of the “Dream’s End” story arc. But it captivated me. It captivated me to continue reading comics, to continue…

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Guardians 2 Confirmed, Age of Ultron Footage, and Ant-Man News

Guardians 2 Confirmed, Age of Ultron Footage, and Ant-Man News


There’s lot of news to report for the Marvel Studios panel. Not all of my hopes for the panel have been entirely met, but plenty was unveiled. The Panel began with the cast of Ant-Man taking stage, and several cast members’ roles have been announced. Then there was a montage of the MCU to date and footage of Avengers: Age of Ultron revealed. At last, only Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has been given…

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Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Costume Revealed At Last!

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Costume Revealed At Last!


Warner Brothers is, right this very moment, hosting their San Diego Comic Con panel, and attendees got their first footage of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to IGN, this is what that footage (as of yet, not available or leaked to the public) entailed:

“It starts with thunder and rain, as a hand pulls a tarp off of something… it’s Ben Affleck’s Batman on a Gotham City rooftop, and…

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Avengers: Age of Ultron - 8 Interlocking Concept Art Posters Are Incredible

Avengers: Age of Ultron – 8 Interlocking Concept Art Posters Are Incredible


Since Wednesday, Marvel has been releasing two conceptual posters per day during SDCC, each focusing on separate Avengers taking on the horde of Ultron’s armies, and the best bit is that they all interconnect to become one incredible portrait. Check it out.
Surprisingly, I actually find the individual posters more visually striking, as you get to see each Avenger’s own particular struggle. Check…

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Trailers You Might’ve Missed - Arrow: Season 3 (First Look)

Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Arrow: Season 3 (First Look)


Alright alright, the only reason you “might’ve missed” this trailer is because it has literally just been released. But for fans who’ve followed the show thus far, this season promises to bring plenty new to the table. For those who haven’t already seen Season 2, skip to the 1:00 mark, as several of the shock-worthy scenes are montages in tandem. That’s where the real trailer begins anyway.


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Deep Breath Will Be Getting a Cinema Outting

Deep Breath Will Be Getting a Cinema Outting


Last year Doctor Who released its 50th anniversary special in theaters across the globe, and now for Capaldi’s debut episode, Deep Breath, it’ll be returning to theaters! Although there isn’t any word yet on whether Capaldi’s debut will be simulcast as strictly as The Day of the Doctor was, but the cinema screenings will be broadcast the night the show airs, on August 23rd, 2014.

Steven Moffat…

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Get a Closer Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman Cowl

Get a Closer Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman Cowl


Keen eyed fans at SDCC noticed this image of Ben Affleck’s Batman on a montage wall. I love the texture of the leather on the cowl. What do you think?

You may also like these props/costume variants featuring cape and cowl, also on the show floor.

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us


SDCC ’14 has barely even started and already news is swamping my feed. I unfortunately can’t be there, but I’m making sure I don’t miss a beat of news. Whether it be Marvel announcing a 3rd untitled film for 2018 (making that now 8 officially confirmed but yet untitled filmsin the pipeline) or the barrage of poster art coming in, this week/end is going to be hectic for news. In fact, as far as…

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Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Guardians of the Galaxy (Extended Clip)

Check out this 5-minute clip/trailer for Marvel’s next blockbuster franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, and tell me you’re not excited.

Leviathan Wakes (BOOK REVIEW)

Leviathan Wakes (BOOK REVIEW)


The first of (currently) four books in the Expanse series by James S. A. Corey, Leviathan Wakes has been getting a lot of press recently. Since it’s release in 2011, and the fact that its sequels have been annually punctual, it’s been praised for its gritty, modernized take on the space opera genre. Aside from several friends who’ve touted its shelf-worth, Leviathan Wakes has recently been…

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